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Our Clients


Our clients include large digital properties such as Consumer Reports Online, The Motley Fool and Dow Jones, as well as smaller, high-quality properties such as, and HighBeam Research.

Our Clients
(Partial Client List:)
AOL/Time Warner
Consumer Reports Online
Dennis Publishing
Dow Jones
Fidelity Independent Investors Assn
Forbes Magazine
Highbeam Research
Marketing Experiments
Merriam Webster
Rodale Press
The Motley Fool

What They Say About Us
Anne Holland, Publisher of Niche, Practical B-to-B Information
"Bill understands subscription business models and marketing better than almost anyone else I've ever met.  He's rare in that he can help both print media and online subscription and membership companies.  Most can't cross that chasm.  I trust him."

Cynthia O'Brien, Director, Consumer Marketing and Operations
Consumer Reports Online
"Bill did a great job on a project we hired him for.  He spent the time to really understand our business so he could provide thoughtful insight into ways to improve it."

Kathy Greenler Sexton, VP & General Manager
Software and Informational Publishers Assn
"Bill understands the subscription space as well as any of the best marketers I've run across, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to optimize their marketing efforts through analysis, benchmarking and best practices.

When I was at HighBeam Research, we hired Bill to enhance our retention rates, as we believed that current results were being driven primarily by the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Through benchmarking and best practices analysis, Bill helped us see that the biggest opportunity to drive results was actually our credit card processing and introduced us to a fulfillment consultant who boosted our numbers substantially within just 60 days. I respect Bill's integrity --- he put our results ahead of his own business's agenda. BONUS: You will not work with a nicer and more genuine person than Bill

Sean Polay
Dow Jones Local Media Group
"Bill is thorough, thoughtful and inquisitive. He strove to understand our business and recommended strategies and tactics that made us do a 180 on how we were implementing a product. But he didn't just parachute in, give us a bunch of recommendations and evacuate. He stayed with the project to its completion, and continued to help us hone details and plan for next steps so we could have a continuously improving process and seize upon the new opportunities that he had helped us engineer. Bill was vital to our project and the product's success."